Do we get to choose the meals?
  1. Super-Natural Eats make’s it convenient and easy for you to subscribe to our meal prep service. You choose the plan, and we do EVERYTHING else! Order and wait for the delivery on Monday’s! No hassle of having to select meals week in and week out, buy the ingredients, or cook it! We select 3 different types of: protein, carbohydrate and vegetables for you to each throughout the week.
What are some examples of meals that I can look at?
Please check out our Facebook page here:
or our Instagram Page to see examples of our meals
The portions are 4 oz of protein, 1/2 cup of carbohydrate and 1/2 cup vegetables.
What is the approximate caloric value of the, and most of our meals are under 400 calories however, some meals may go over 500 calories depending on the ingredients in the meal.
How many meals are provided at each delivery day?
If you purchase 14 meals or more, you will receive 2 deliveries per week, one on Monday morning and one on Thursday morning. Depending on what meal plan you purchase, will determine how many meals you receive each day.
7 Meal Plan= 7 Meals on Monday
14 Meal Plan= 8 meals on Monday, 6 meals on Thursday.
21 Meal Plan= 12 meals on Monday, 9 meals on Thursday.
28 Meal Plan= 16 Meals on Monday, 12 meals on Thursday.
Is there a long term contract?
NO. There is no long term contract, we are here when you need us and would like to make your life easier. Turn the meal plan subscription on and off when you need by logging in to your account and canceling meal prep service when you do not need the prepared meals. Then, when you are ready to start back up, simply log back in and select your desired healthy meal plan and submit your order.
When does my order need to be in by?
When ordering your meals we need to know by Friday at 5 pm, if you would like meals delivered on Monday. There is no refunds once your card is charged as we purchase food every Friday.
When does the meal plan start?
New customer orders start on Mondays.